7 of the best apps to socialize virtually

7 of the best apps to socialize virtually

One of the best aspects of modern technology is that its presence makes it easier for us to stay connected with our closest friends and family who live far away. Especially during PSBB / large-scale social restrictions and a ban on leaving the house during the global Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, it's important to stay updated with the closest people, so you don't feel lonely.

Even though #StayAtHome, keep in touch with your closest friends and family through these 7 best apps for virtual socialization.

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp, which is also part of the Facebook business empire, is also one of the chat, telephone and video calling applications used by billions of people around the world - in Indonesia alone, it turns out that +62 residents are most fond of chatting with WhatsApp, because since 2018 this application has been in the position first in the list of daily conversation apps. Especially with the WhatsApp Group feature that allows hundreds of people to chat simultaneously, even before the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, WhatsApp Group had become the main choice of mass communication for many people.

WhatsApp has also just released a new feature where we can make video calls to 8 users at the same time, plus, encrypted conversations with extra security make this application suitable for small-scale meetings.

2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook has 2.4 billion users. Yes, almost a third of the total number of people around the world have a Facebook account - as a social media network, Facebook is still the number 1 platform in terms of the number of users. Most of the older generation, such as our parents, uncles and grandparents are already using Facebook.

Now, the instant messaging and chat system on Facebook has its own application, namely Facebook Messenger, which can be used to communicate via messages in the form of text, photos or videos - which can contact several people at once, also has interesting game features and funny camera filters. -funny that can make video calls more interesting. Recently, Facebook also released advanced features for Messenger, including Watch Party, which allows us to watch together virtually with friends, and Conference Room, a video chat room that can invite up to 50 people at once to join - although they don't have a Facebook account. The cool thing is, the time for video calls is not limited at all, you know!

3. Instagram

Instagram is not only used to share interesting photos and videos, but can also be used for video calls, live broadcasts via the Instagram Live and IGTV features - either as a host or as a viewer, or to exchange news.

Most artists and influencers are now turning to Instagram, and the variety of events served is even more diverse - from cooking shows, chatting and venting sessions, to sporting events together, the choices are overwhelming!

4. Zoom

Recently, Zoom founder, Eric Yuan, was named as one of the newest billionaires in the world - during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom, Eric's application, became one of the audio visual communication alternatives that skyrocketed.

Previously, Zoom was formal and only used by office professionals, since the Corona COVID-19 outbreak, the number of users has skyrocketed tremendously. Not only millions of schools and offices around the world use Zoom, even social gathering mothers are now using this application!

Don't forget to increase the level of device security when using Zoom, because recently there was news that data from Zoom was hacked. Zoom itself has reported that they have taken extra security, but we should always remain vigilant.

While one advantage of Zoom is the ability to accommodate a large number of users: in one video chat session, Zoom can provide a chat room for up to a hundred users. Wow, amazing, huh!

5. Skype

Skype is one of the very first video chat platforms created. Used personally and professionally, Skype is easy to use and includes features that allow you to make calls to international lines at a much lower cost.

6. Microsoft Teams

If this application is made by Microsoft, it is more formal and professional - usually used for socialization purposes around the work environment. Its features that allow you to bring the office atmosphere to your home, really support all team members to stay excited during WFH.

Office teams can create their own channels and communicate via video chat that is given extra security, share presentations and keep the work team cohesive even though they are far from their homes.

7. Netflix Party

This one is an additional feature extension in the browserr Google Chrome on our computer. By adding this application feature, we can hold a virtual viewing event while replying to comments via the chat application feature to the right of the film that is currently playing. Watching together from each other's homes is even possible now, today's technology is sophisticated! (PS: because Netflix is not compatible with Telkomsel, first check if you can use Netflix or not at your home)


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