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Some Dangerous Weightloss Products You Should Be Aware Of

Weight loss takes work. Hundreds of people every day work hard to watch their diet and perform the right amount of exercise in order to minimize weight gain and maximize weight loss. Some do it for maintenance and others do it for health, be it physical or mental. But some, frustrated with their lack of progress, will fall into the lie that so many infomercials promise: a pill can solve all their problems. They believe that popping a pill or relying on other methods of weight loss other than the proven albeit challenging method of life style change will solve their weight issues. Unfortunately, not only are they buying into a lie that will not work, but many times it will lead to death.

Prescriptions should be safe, but prescription diet pills have their own issues. These pills may suppress the user's appetite, but they do not substitute for a nutritionist that can literally teach anyone how to eat properly. Food is fuel, and thus when a person's appetite is suppressed, he just eats less but no necessarily right. He may choose still to snack on Doritos when he's hungry instead of carrots. Which one do you think will give him more fuel?

Ephedra and Phentermine Fenfluramine-phentamin (fen-phen) have grown in popularity for a number of reasons. Initially the overweight community saw them as their miracle cure, a way for them to literally see pounds melt off without lifting a finger. But then the side effects started kicking in, and users began dropping like flies from heart attacks, dizziness, headaches, and high blood pressure. Like any drug, this one had side effects, and sometimes the effects rendered the user completely incapacitated.

Laxatives and diuretics have been the age old cure for weight gain. If you can just get rid of that weight somehow you might feel better, right? Well just eliminating excess waste does not equate to weight loss. It just means you have less waste in you. These pill poppers end up feeling listless, tired, and downright weak. After all, they are not filling their bodies with the necessary fuel and yet they are ridding them of necessary liquids.

Diet sodas and products became a hit within the last 25 years. We can find "lite" anything these days. But many times the artificial sweeteners that make these products sweet without the calories can cause problems. Blindness, seizures, and brain damage reportedly have stemmed form the use of aspartame, a common sweetener.

Those who shun health altogether but simply want to maintain that model figure have fallen into the trap of believing that smoking is actually good for them. While puffing on a burning piece of ash does suppress the appetite, it causes far more damage than weight gain including asthma and even lung cancer not to mention all of the other types of cancer.

So consider the consequences of weight loss before moving beyond the obvious tried and true but still challenging method of exercise, diet, and overall life style change.


Weight Loss Options: Surgery and Dieting

Obesity is one of most common health problems in our society. Many people struggle with their weight on a daily basis. Some people want to lose weight for cosmetic reasons, and others need to lose weight for health reasons.

Regardless of your reason for pursuing weight loss, you will likely be overwhelmed by the many different diet and surgical options available. There are a number of popular diet plans, some of which are helpful for weight loss, and some of which are just fads that aren't likely to help with long-term weight management.

Diet plans that encourage you to eat only certain types of foods with certain other types of foods, or encourage you to eliminate certain other foods from your diet fall under the category of fad diets. Such diets tend to be unhealthy and do not bring about lasting weight loss. Some people do experience initial weight loss success from following certain fad diets. However, it is impossible to follow a very structured and rigid diet forever, and people tend to very quickly re-gain any losses that come about from fad diets.

When seeking weight loss through diet, it is important to keep in mind that no matter what you eat, you will gain weight when you regularly take in more calories than you expend, and you will lose weight when you regularly expend more calories than you consume.

In spite of the many different suggested eating plans, this basic formula for diet and weight loss holds true. If you go on an all candy diet, but you burn off more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. If you go on an all juice diet and you don't burn off more calories than you consume, you will gain weight.

The best diet for weight loss is a balanced diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, and goes light on refined sugar and flour. Whole foods provide more nutrients than processed foods. When you are reducing calories, it is important to choose foods that give you the best nutritional bang for your buck. Your body needs foods from all of the major food groups to function properly and stay healthy.

For people who are significantly overweight and are not able to lose weight through traditional methods, there are a number of weight loss surgery options. Both gastric bypass and lap band weight loss surgeries have been used successfully by many people who need to lose significant amounts of weight.

Gastric bypass is a permanent surgical procedure that makes it physically impossible for people to consume large amounts of food. Following gastric bypass, a person is likely to drop large amounts of weight very quickly, do to the sudden drastic change in calories consumed. A more recent technology than gastric bypass, the lap band procedure is gaining in popularity because it is less painful, less invasive, and reversible.


Staying Healthy with Skinny Sweets

Skinny Sweets may sound like an oxymoron, but it's not if you know where to shop.

The internet is a fabulous place to discover healthy snacks like Skinny Sweets - candy "portioned for sweet moderation under 250 calories."

Many parents love candy just as much as their kids, but they recognize that too much sugar can be too much of a "good" thing. The special line of Skinny Sweets offers the joy of candy, but with reduced amounts of sugar.

Candy Bars

One of the signature Skinny Sweets candies is their Candy Bars, each just 100 calories. They come in flavors like milk chocolate and caramel, dark chocolate and almond, dark chocolate, espresso dark chocolate, creamy milk chocolate and Belgian dark chocolate with sea salt. Each bar is the perfect size to satisfy even the most avid chocolate lovers' mid-day or late night cravings. And, best of all, you can enjoy one guilt-free, because they'll barely put a dent in your daily caloric intake.


If it's candy you're craving, Skinny Sweets offers some tasty treats.

Start with one that is familiar to many: the York Peppermint Patty. There's nothing like the cool sensation of these chocolate and peppermint patties. It qualifies as a Skinny Sweet because it is just 140 calories and has 70 percent less fat than other chocolate candies.

Love honey? You'll love Honey Lovers Candies. They come in 16 different flavors and are made with real honey, which is high in vitamin C. How about that: a candy with vitamins. They come in a 38-ounce jar with all 17 varieties: Peaches 'n Honey, Peaches 'n Honey, Honey Raspberry, Honey Coconut, Golden Honey, Wild Blueberry Honey, Honey Dipped Strawberry, Orchard Pear 'n Honey, Honey Mocha Toffee, Honey Vanilla, Huckleberry Honey, Tangy Orange Honey, Buttered Honey Popcorn, Cinnamon Honey, Meyer Lemon Honey, Pomegranate Honey and Black Cherry Honey.

Craving a Gummy Bear? How about some tasty, sugar-free Gummy Bears? You get all the sweet fruit flavor, but with none of the sugar. While some sugar-free candies leave an after-taste, this one does not.


Do you prefer to chew your sweets? Then the Skinny Sweets gum may be what you're looking for.

Sugar-free gumballs, which come a host of fruity flavors, contain about a third fewer calories than other gums. Pop a couple gumballs in your mouth and you will get a flavorful chew - and you can blow some bubbles while you're at it.

Skinny Sweets chewing gum is another great sugar craving solution. It comes in a tin with chicklet style gum in mint, cinnamon, orange citrus and fruit mix flavors.

Pick your Packaging

Each of these candies, gumballs, York Peppermint Patty, Honey Lovers Candies and Gummy Bears, can arrive in one of four fun packages: a paint can, a lunch box, a penny candy jar and a mini bin.

·         Just pop the top of the clear paint can to get your sweet reward. The paint can measures 3.6 inches by 4 inches.
·         A colorful, striped lunch box (in pink or turquoise) measures 5¾ inches by 4 inches. Imagine opening your lunch box to find it full of Gummy Bears!
·         The penny candy jar is modeled on those vintage glass candy jars, tipped at an angle for easy access to your favorite sweet. It measures 3¼ inches long by 4 inches high.
·         The mini bin is a miniature version of the bin used in the candy store. It even has a pint-sized scoop to scoop out your favorite treat. The bin measures 3½ inches long by 3 inches high by 4½ inches wide.


If you need to maintain a gluten-free diet, then Skinny Sweets will make you very happy. It carries a line of gluten-free cookies in flavors like double chocolate chip, snicker doodles and gingersnaps.


Like your candy flavored by nuts? Or do you like your nuts, sweetened by candy? Either way, you will love the Skinny Sweets nuts.

·         Bobby Sue's Original Nuts are a great mixture of "savory, but not too sweet." The nuts are coated with a sugar-spice blend that will leave you craving more. They come in a cute glass jar. You can enjoy them straight out of the jar or use them in a salad, on your ice cream or add them to your breakfast parfait. A portion of each sale will be used to help a homeless animal.
·         For a variation of the original nuts, try Bobby Sue's Chocolate Covered Nuts. It is a mixture of organic nuts, coated with a blend of sugar and spice - and then run under a rain shower of chocolate.

Love your sweets? Relax and know that Skinny Sweets are looking to give you your sweets and help you stay healthy, too.


Are There Side Effects To Hoodia Gordonii?

The benefits of using hoodia in order to lose weight have gained more interest over the last few years. When compared to some of the health foods and dietary supplements currently being sold in drugstores, hoodia is generally more accepted and said to have more health benefits. The biggest plus that people turn to hoodia pills for is their ability to decrease your appetite, which means that you don't eat as much or even want to eat as much. This decrease in caloric intake thus leads to losing weight.

However, Hoodia claims to be different from the usual appetite suppressants in that they will keep you healthy and give you plenty of energy at the same time. Most people who use appetites suppressants report to have a severe loss in energy. If the hoodia is pure then there are no harmful side effects because Hoodia contains no harmful stimulates like many manufactured appetite suppressants.

Hoodia has been used in Africa for many years and is considered to be a food there, there are no real adverse effects to taking hoodia in its pure form, it is only when mixed with other substances that there could be problems.

One of the biggest problems is where you purchase the hoodia from. There are many websites offering hoodia to buy cheaply online. However pure hoodia is expensive so you should be very wary of anyone who is offering hoodia cheaply as in the majority of cases the product contains very little hoodia or it contains a type of hoodia that does not help suppress appetite.

While Hoodia has undergone some research it hasn't been conclusive. However very few herbal remedies are tested and so whether they actually work or not is often debated. Hoodia seems to fall into the same category although some tests have said that there are no real bad side effects from taking it. In some cases, people have reported that it acts as an aphrodisiac and may even some people a slight buzz.

Hoodia is a relatively new product that is used for suppressing the appetite and thirst. However, there are around 30 different types of hoodia and only hoodia Gordonii will suppress the appetite. While hoodia is regarded as a safe way of suppressing the appetite and thousands have claimed that it is effective; if you are considering taking any form of alternative herbal remedy then you should always consult your doctor.

You should also be aware that some products that are sold which claim to be hoodia, do in fact have very little of the product in it. You should always check to make sure that the product is 100% hoodia; pure hoodia is expensive so besides not wanting to take the additives that are in some of the products, you will also be paying more than you should.

If you wish to purchase hoodia then make sure you buy from a reputable herbal supplement store or an online store that deals solely in hoodia supplements. All products should have clear labeling which allows you to tell if you are indeed purchasing hoodia in its pure form or if hoodia is just one of several ingredients in the product.


Best Weight Loss Supplements-How To Find The Top Ones To Help You Lose The Weight You Need

Here are some tips to finding the best weight supplements for you even if you do not fall under the obese category and just want to shed those extra kilos around your belly. Weight loss through diet supplements and not hardcore exercise or weight training is what every obese and overweight is looking for.

Starving yourself to death for a day or two has never worked for anybody and it will not work for you either. The third day or the third week you tend to give in to the temptation of having a good elaborated meal or fall back upon your old diet for refuge.

The reason that diets don't work is very simple: most people deprive themselves in one certain area of nutrition, and therefore, while they may in fact lose weight from the diet they've embarked on, they will actually be less healthy as a result. Also, often times diets revolve around depriving your body of the food it needs, as well as the food you enjoy.

Many people are able to do this for a certain amount of time, but sooner or later will cave into the temptation of eating the foods they love. In fact, when they do cave and start eating the same foods they always have, they will probably eat even more than they used to, and as a result will end up even heavier than they were before they started the diet. Most times, with a diet you simply have to changing your eating habits all at once, and without a gradual build up, you will shock your system, and it won't be long before you are eating the way you always have been.

It is better to keep your weight in check by taking natural weight loss supplements that money can buy. Protein supplements which takes longer to digest and thus making you feel less hungry can be the best supplement you are looking for.

Diet pills, fat burners and all other supplements should not be taken with simply your own judgment as it might bring the side effect of sweating profusely, headache, nausea and terrible kidney failures. Consult a nutritionist and dietitian who can advise you better. A little exercise i.e. walking or visiting a fitness center four days a week for an hour has always been suggested by fitness professionals.

Remember, when exercising, make sure you start out gradually and work your way up. As with diets, many people simply start out doing it too fast, and begin doing workouts that their body can't handle or are simply very difficult to do at first.

As a result, they will begin dreading their workout time, and will probably quit pretty shortly after starting. When you gradually work your way up, you give your body time to recuperate and gradually build up your strength so that soon you can handle much more than you ever could in the beginning.

Replacing one or two of your day's meal with these healthy weight loss supplements, such as shakes and juices have brought wonderful results. Who knows; it might be the supplement you are looking for. For weight loss nothing works better than organizing your life in a routine diet full of proteins, vegetables, fruits, water and exercises and do not loose hope if you don't get results in couple of months.

Choose the best weight loss supplements that help you increase your body metabolism. People who have a lean and thin body have higher rate of metabolism naturally and active people loose weight by constant physical activity.


Healthy Eating and Living

Parents, health books, and doctors all like to stress out how necessary it is to have good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. Not everyone is after that idea because they like to eat the things that satisfy their cravings and get involved in activities that they find most enjoyable. But the point isn't really about abandoning these habits and shifting towards a solid set of rules. Forcing a change in habits like that is never good but setting some space aside for healthy eating and living is perhaps the most balanced way to approach things. Healthy living is more than what it sounds as there are lots of advantages that back it up.

Increased Resistance to Sicknesses and Diseases

It is a lot more difficult for a healthy body to get sick and close to impossible if healthy eating and living practices are consistently observed. Healthy foods contain the necessary vitamins and minerals to sustain a healthy body while rejuvenating other parts of the body that may be open to weaknesses. Sicknesses and other harmful diseases trigger when openings are found but there will always be some barriers as long as balanced diets and regular exercising are taken into consideration.

Some sicknesses may not be much of a big deal thanks to advances in medicine. But many medicines come with side effects making preventative measures much better than just getting sick and finding an immediate cure.

Improved Moods

Getting into temper tantrums are bad habits to get involved in as others can be affected. It is certainly not a healthy habit to get into either and breaking that habit may be quite difficult. Surprisingly, a lack of healthy eating and living can contribute so exert some extra effort in changing that lifestyle and the overall moods should improve drastically. It is best to avoid stress whenever possible because it can affect appetite and exercising habits. People that get in a bad mood will often eat more than usual as it provides comfort or not be in the mood to eat at all which is also not very good.

Sets a Good Example

All those people that have attractive figures and are highly active are people that consider healthy eating and living habits. Being in that position can give inspiration to others that are having the same problems. People in the family will see this in a positive light and the younger folks will be encouraged to follow the footsteps so they can enjoy the benefits as well. Other friends may see this as an inspiration to be healthier and that always contributes to the greater good.

Healthy eating and living habits are actually not so tough to shift to especially when done in short bursts. Maybe some exercising habits can be formed before the eating habits kick in. There is no real recipe in attaining a good healthy living condition. So many methods are available and they are backed by in-depth research and proven by many other individuals around the world that still stick to healthy eating and living practices today.


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